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These ceramic creations are the clay and dirt and weeds of the earth, and of the earth’s fallow fields and roadside places for the plants of weeds, flowers of weeds, seeds of weeds, grasses of all kinds and leaves to be found about, and proud of it too and proud of their salt of the earth too, with their bravery unequaled and never is heard a complaint, a discouraging word or a compromise made on a road never taken to a place never been by them, as they all bear, just as we must and endure a full day of 2000 degree Fahrenheit temperature of glowing red heat of the heart of the fire in the burning kiln furnace, with no chance of escape until all their plant life has gone to ash, being now even that is ground and rubbed into the formed fossils into the perfectly left images on the surface faces of this slab of fired earth, like ordinary dirt is ground into a wood floor by shoes, along with many different metallic oxides, rubbed in with old leather gloves to revive their plant colors to live again, with the extra ash being added to the glass glazes to view these perfect plant form image remains they were before, however now fossils they smile at their eternity, with nothing missing from this recipe of elemental ingredients in a concoction to have become the beauty of art and it’s truths in the “Book of Weeds and We” and they are the same, vertical and verbal as we both are and to live again, and because all life springs from dirt since the beginning of time and we thank them for their effort, to be as useful as useful can be and our happiness to exist, to see them forever as this ceramic art is God’s Art eternal, please God bless clay and dirt and weed and this life we say always, so that these God’s Art creations can live on, to speak of beauty and truth and our lives to enjoy forever on. WOW!

These ceramic God’s art platters are functional and can be used to serve foods and/or be wall art with their available special magical wall hanger. Dimensions of platters are approximately 15”X17”.

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